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Marie Gonzalez was born in Costa Rica but moved to Jefferson City, Missouri, with her parents when she was only five years old. Marie’s parents, Marvin and Marina, were entrepreneurs who worked hard, paid taxes, owned a home, and volunteered for their church and community. Marie was an honor student, played on both the tennis and track teams, and was on the homecoming court her senior year.

Due to unreliable legal advice, Marie’s family mistakenly overstayed their visa. They had no idea that their immigration status had lapsed until they were placed under deportation proceedings. In July, Marie’s parents were forced to leave this country and Marie was allowed to stay for another year but she doesn’t know what the future holds.

Marie and her parents are one of thousands of immigrant students and families. Read more about Marie and her family, and also meet some of the other young people in Marie’s situation.

Our Stories

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