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Who We Are

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), a project of the Center for Community Change, is led by low-income immigrant and non-immigrant grassroots community organizations working for immigration reform and immigrant rights. Formed under CCC’s campaign on issues of poverty, welfare and low-wage work, FIRM broadens the framework of immigration and immigrant rights to include an anti-poverty agenda. The coalition consists of organizing networks, statewide immigrant rights coalitions, and faith-based and low-income groups. FIRM also works in partnership with national organizations.

How FIRM Is Governed and Managed

The organizing committee is the governing body of FIRM. It is managed by staff at the Center for Community Change – a nonprofit public policy and technical assistance organization based in Washington DC. The organizing committee meets quarterly and holds national conference calls frequently.

Members of the Organizing Committee

Association for Communities Organizing for Reform Now [ACORN]
ACORN is the nation’s largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, with over 150,000 members in more than
65 cities.
CAUSA, Oregon’s immigrant rights coalition, and PCUN, Oregon’s farmworker union, are dedicated to defending and advancing the rights and well-being of immigrant workers and families in Oregon.
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles [CHIRLA]
The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to advance the human and civil rights of immigrants and refugees in Los Angeles. As a multiethnic coalition of community organizations and individuals, CHIRLA aims to foster greater understanding of the issues that affect immigrant communities, provide a neutral forum for discussion, and unite immigrant groups to more effectively advocate for positive change.
Direct Action & Research Training Network [DART]
The Direct Action & Research Training (DART) Network is a national network of grassroots, metropolitan, congregation-based, community organizations spread throughout the United States.
Gamaliel Foundation
The Gamaliel Foundation has been empowering communities seeking justice for 35 years. For 17 years, Gamaliel has been training leaders and assisting them to build powerful organizations that enable the people to impact the decisions that effect their lives in their
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights [ICIRR]
ICIRR is dedicated to promoting the rights of immigrants and refugees to grant them full and equal participation in the civic, cultural, social, and political life of our diverse society. In partnership with their member organizations, the Coalition educates and organizes immigrant and refugee communities to assert their rights; promotes citizenship and civic participation; monitors, analyzes, and advocates on immigrant-related issues; and, informs the general public about the contributions of immigrants and refugees.
Immigrant Rights Network of Iowa and Nebraska [IRNIN]
The mission of IRNIN is to facilitate full immigrant participation in decision-making processes, promote respect for immigrant contributions, and build inclusive communities.
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition [MIRA]
MIRA is a statewide organization working with members to protect and promote the rights and opportunities of Massachusetts’ immigrants and refugees. MIRA advances this mission through education, organizing, and policy analysis and advocacy.
Michigan Organizing Project [MOP]
Founded in 1993, by a coalition of churches, MOP is a multi-issue church based community organization serving communities of the dual agricultural/industrial economy of Western Michigan. MOP’s membership, which consists of 5,000 people in 50 different organizations, is comprised of Latino migrant workers and non-union, predominantly African American, factory workers in the auto and furniture industries.
National Korean American Service & Education Consortium [NAKASEC]
NAKASEC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes political and civic participation among Korean Americans. NAKASEC is also an advocate for the civil rights of Korean Americans and works to raise cultural awareness as well as issues pertinent to the Korean American community.
New York Immigration Coalition [NYIC]
Founded in 1987, NYIC is an umbrella advocacy organization for approximately 200 groups in New York State that work with "newcomers" to our country – immigrants, refugees, and asylees. The NYIC’s membership includes immigrant rights advocates, immigrant community leaders and service providers, numerous community-based ethnic and non-profit human service organizations, and leaders from labor, academia and the legal professions. Utilizing this multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-sector base, the NYIC provides the opportunity for members to collaborate and implement strategies to address their common concerns.
Northwest Federation of Community Organizations/
Idaho Community Action Network

NWFCO is a regional network of four grassroots organizations, including ICAN, a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to the fight for social, racial and economic justice for all Idahoans. NWFCO’s mission is to achieve systemic change by building strong state affiliate organizations and by executing national and regional campaigns that advance economic, racial, and social justice. In the ten years since its founding, NWFCO has trained hundreds of community leaders who are taking action and making change for their communities.

People Acting for Communities Together [PACT]

PACT, an affiliate organization of DART, is a coalition of local congregations in Miami committed to building a powerful, diverse, broad based, multi-issued, and democratically run organization for a greater degree of justice.

Sunflower Community Action

Sunflower Community Action is a non-profit grassroots organization in Kansas, with 13 years of experience working to develop the power in each individual to create social and economic change in their lives and communities. Sunflower addresses many local and state issues, and is linked to 35 other community organizations that belong to Chicago-based National Peoples Action.

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition [TIRRC]

TIRRC is a statewide, immigrant-led collaboration whose mission is to empower immigrant and refugees throughout Tennessee to develop a unified voice, defend their rights, and create an atmosphere in which they are viewed as positive contributors to the state.

Voces de la Frontera

Voces de la Frontera is a low-wage and immigrant workers center in Wisconsin. The organization educates workers on employment rights and promotes community organizing.


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