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Newspaper print ads

These ads are running to raise awareness in Oregon about the effects of the Administration's budget cuts.

The goal is for Oregonians to urge their Senators, Gordon Smith (R), and Ron Wyden (D) to reject the Administration's damaging budget cuts to Medicare and other social programs

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Television (0:30 spot)
02/01 - 02/03/05


This 30-second spot ran in Missouri, Tennessee and Washington, DC shortly before the Bush administration released its 2006 budget proposal.

The TV ad raised awareness of the budget and pointed viewers to the Actions Speak Louder campaign website, where they can learn about what's at stake and how to take action.

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Let 'em know! Tell your legislators you won't tolerate being squeezed by the government!

National budget call in days.
Wednesday March 2nd and Tuesday March 8th.

Let Justice Roll FY 2006 Budget Statement: A Vision of Hope and Justice

Step up and thank an unlikely hero

Tell your Representatives in Congress to Reject the President's Budget Proposal!

Tell your Governor to Weigh In on the President's Budget Proposal!
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Stay current and informed on the 2006 Federal Budget and how it affects you.

Stay current and informed on the 2006 Federal Budget and how it affects you.

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