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In late April 2005, Congress passed a final version of the FY06 federal budget resolution. This bill provides the basic guidelines for all federal spending for the rest of the year.

Click here to read in-depth analysis of where the budget stands now (PDF, 34k)

Committees in both the House and Senate sent budget proposals to their respective bodies for debate and decision. Both bodies voted and approved their versions of the budget plan, called a budget resolution.

Click here to read in-depth analysis of where the budget stands now

When your members of Congress are back in your area for the two-week recess, talk to them directly. Use the template letter link below to request a meeting with your member of Congress. When you meet with your representatives or their staff, tell them to protect children, the elderly, people with disabilities and families by opposing cuts in Medicaid, nutrition, education, and other vital services. See the “recess memo” link below for additional suggestions about activities you can take while your members of Congress are at home.

download: Elected Official meeting request template (MS Word doc, 27k)

Recess Memo (Activities you can take while your members of Congress are at home)

Rally with People of Faith at the
West Front of the U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC
Monday March 14th at 12:00pm
Budgets are moral documents, because they reflect our priorities. Stand together with other people of faith and declare that the Administration’s proposed FY’06 budget does not reflect our moral values.
Sponsored by:

download: This Budget does not reflect our values flyer (PDF download, 36 k)

Here is a press release and joint statement from the Protestant religious community, opposing the President's budget. The signers — heads of five major Protestant denominations representing 20 million church members — focused primarily on the President’s drastic cuts in poverty and social programs. The statement was delivered at a press conference Tuesday, March 8 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

download: FIVE MAIN PROTESTANT LEADERS CALL PRESIDENT'S FY'06 BUDGET "UNJUST" (press release, PDF download, 69k)

download: Joint Statement (press release, PDF download, 97k)

download: Statement on the President’s FY 2006 Budget Rev. John H. Thomas, President and General Minister, United Church of Christ (press release, PDF download, 9 k)

A litany for use in Sunday church services put out by Protestants for the Common Good. Churches and community groups with church membership can customize this to meet their own needs.

download: A Litany for Federal Budget Sunday (PDF download, 14k)

Opinion Editorial on the Federal Budget template

This Word document provides a sample opinion editorial piece that local groups can customize for distribution. Opinion editorials or Op-Eds should be used to share your or your organization’s personal opinion about President Bush’s budget proposal. Op-Eds should be 500 - 750 words, personal and clearly state key messages.

download: Opinion Editorial on the Federal Budget Template (MS Word doc download, 124k)



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