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The federal budget is NOT just an accounting tool.
It is a statement about our priorities and values as a nation.

Now that President Bush has presented his budget to Congress, does it reflect compassion or greed? Our President often calls on the public to attend to the “pockets of despair amidst this nation’s great wealth.” Yet, the President's budget includes a wide range of drastic cuts to programs important to every American.

What's the BIG DEAL? How does this affect me?
Facts and Figures behind the budget.

What needs to be done?
Federal Budget 101.

There are real domestic priorities that need to be protected. Families struggling to make ends meet should have health insurance they can rely on. Deserving students should have a chance to attend college. Veterans deserve to have programs that protect and serve their needs. The budget crisis was brought on largely by enormous tax cuts to a relative handful of Americans. This is not a funding crisis. This is about a crisis in priorities.

Take Action - Have YOUR say
Tools for learning and getting involved in the drive for a fair budget.

Members of Congress must hear about your aspirations as a family and community. Use the on-line advocacy tools of this web site to tell your Representatives and Senators why the federal budget is more than an accounting tool. It’s about programs that provide tangible support to Americans.


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Stay current and informed on the 2006 Federal Budget and how it affects you.

Stay current and informed on the 2006 Federal Budget and how it affects you.

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